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Richard Yobst

Richard N. Yobst

Two adult Children – Derek Christian Yobst (married with 1 daughter Samantha) and  Dana Joy Yobst

1967   M.A. George Washington University
           Major – Administration
1963   B.S. Western Maryland College
           Major - Physical Education
           Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996

Professional Background:
2009 -  Began part-time position as an administrative/management consult for a non-profit organization – Diamond Dreams Athletic Performance and Fitness Center

Retired – November 2004

1997-2004 - Associate Vice President for Administration:  Responsible for services and operations for the following administrative departments: Bookstore; Capital Construction; Central Stores/Procurement/Vending; Conference and Technical Services; Food Service/ Snack Bar/Catering/Concessions; Housing/Residence Life; Physical Plant (Energy Management, Housekeeping, Facility Renewal/Renovation, Horticulture); Motor Pool/Bus Operations; Occupational Safety; Campus Post Office

1980-1996 - Director of Administrative Services:  Responsible for services and operations for the following administrative departments: Bookstore; Central Stores/Procurement; Conference and Technical Services; Food Service/ Snack Bar/Catering/Concessions; Housing; Physical Plant (Energy Management, Housekeeping, Facility Renewal/Renovation, Horticulture); Motor Pool/Bus Operations; Public Safety/Campus Police/Environmental Safety; Telecommunications; campus Post Office; the Work Experience Program (part-time on & off-campus student employment)

Administrative Career Highlights:
Managed annual budget of over 25 million dollars
Developed a ten year campus plan for maintenance/ renovation projects
Established an auxiliary bus operation
Established a campus owned and operated vending program
Implemented a long distance student resale telephone service in the residence halls when a new switch and telephone system was installed on the campus
Implemented an electronic time and attendance program in food service, physical plant and public safety
Established a computerized menu and inventory control system in food service
Researched and initiated the implementation of a computerized maintenance system for Physical Plant as well as a facility inventory and AutoCAD drawing program
Implemented an automated room assignment process for Housing; and adding software for conference services as well as developing a network for the housing operation
Implemented the original campus ID Card program
Developed and initiated the Work Experience Program (a part-time student employment program which provides work opportunities for on and off campus employment).  Over 800-1000 students are employed on-campus annually
Implemented the veterans assistance program
Implemented the career planning and placement service
Developed and implemented a campus wide judicial system
Member of consulting team selected by the Wicomico County Board of Education to evaluate Wicomico County’s educational facilities

1972 – 1979   Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
                       Head Football Coach
Implemented Salisbury State's first intercollegiate football program and served as head coach (Record 39 wins 25 losses 1 tie):

Co-hosted Coaches Corner, a local one-half hour T.V. show for 10 weeks;
1976 - Coco Bowl victory (61-0) in San Juan, Puerto Rico;
1974, 1975 - Nationally ranked in NCAA Rushing Offense;
1974 - "Building a Football Program" published in the December edition of The Coaching Clinic;
1973 - National NAIA Rushing Title.
Advisor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes campus huddle

1969-1971 Dean of Men

1964-1969 Physical Education Instructor / Head Football Coach at James M. Bennett High School, Wicomico County Board of Education

1963-1964 Physical Education Instructor /  Soccer Coach at Roger B. Taney Junior High School, Prince George's County Board of Education

Community Activities:

Coached Cadet Football Teams (age 7-11) at the Salvation Army Boys Club, Won numerous championships, won 25 straight games over a three year time period (1972-1994)
Salvation Army of Salisbury, Advisory Board & Youth Council
Raised $5200 for the American Bicycle Association and a local charity (Salvation Army's Boy's Club) by riding a bicycle from Portland Maine to Orlando, Florida
Christian Covenant Church – served as Deacon & Trustee
Member of Mayor's Prayer Breakfast planning committee
Salisbury State Cycling Club
Advisor for a group of 13 students, staff and community members who traveled to New Iberia, La. to assist Habitat for Humanity with construction of homes destroyed by hurricane Andrew
Organized and supervised the building and funding of a 1000 sq. ft. home for Habitat for Humanity on the campus of Salisbury State University
Served on advisory board for Habitat For Humanity on Maryland’s Lower Shore
Served as President of Habitat for Maryland's Lower Shore (1995 – 1996) (2004-2006)
Served as the interim manager for HFH of Wicomico County Restore from November 2007 – May 2008

Received Unsung Hero Award from Salisbury Rotary Club for volunteer work with Habitat and the Salvation Army (1994)
Received the Community Outreach Award for faculty/staff at Salisbury State University
Outstanding Community Service Award  for work with Habitat (1994);
Alice & Wally Howard Award for outstanding contributions to Habitat on Maryland’s Lower Shore (1995)

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