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Lois J. Poole-Tayman

Lois J. Poole-Tayman

   Graduation was a terrific day with its excitement and plans for the future to begin.  There was lunch with the family and then off with friends.  However it was off to the hospital the next day and an operation.  Calling and asking if the job you were going to, could be put on hold, or would still be available after recovery.

   Next on the agenda was being married.  You guessed it, a baby (boy).  Still working and carting the baby to the sitter’s door.  Now comes the appearance of baby number two (girl).  The one bedroom apartment is getting a little too small.  A small track of land had been purchased.  So we are a land owner, but not yet a home owner.  Set about working on that home part with the land part.  Yes, a good match.  We moved into the home.  Oops I forgot to mention that before baby number two arrived I retired; (yeah right!).

   Years slipped by----oops, baby number three makes her appearance.  A more few years gone.  Yip- you guessed again, one graduating from high school and one entering first grade.  Those years just keep flying by.

   Now comes the big one Ethel, divorce.  A true adjustment time, thirty-five years down the tubes.  But the investment of those thirty-five years still stands, the children.  And those children invested in nine more called grandchildren.  And so far only one invested in one called a great grandchild.

   So there is my sum of life, the investment of the love for my family and friends.  The Lord has blessed me with all of the above, health, a job and with a terrific man named Dan.



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